Eddie-Joe Robinson
Tech Services
Eddie is an actor and graduated from UCL with a degree in Mathematics last year. He has recently taken up a place in the National Youth Theatre REP company.

Where are you from? Sheffield.
What's in your pocket? Phone, card-holder and £3.60.
What would you do with the keys to the city? Annual city-wide paintball day.
Most over-used word? Sweet.
Biggest phobia? Cockroaches.
What one thing would you take on a desert island? Tent? (So boring).
Song of your youth? Arctic Monkeys - Bigger Boys and Stolen Sweethearts.
Best would you rather? Would you rather be unable to wear shoes for the rest of your life, or only have 3 different outfits for the rest of your life?
Best PappyShow memory? Stupid dancing on impromptu nights out with the Pappy gang.