Weekly Drop-in Workshops (CLICK HERE TO BOOK)

We facilitate a drop-in workshop every Monday from 7.00 - 9.15pm. This will give you a taster to our playful approach to theatre. These workshops are for actors, dancers, movers and shakers - with as much or as little experience necessary. A great way to meet our team, some new people, play a heap of games, get a sweat-on and limber up. These are low-level commitment and you are welcome to join us as often as you can.

8 Week Programme (Coming later in 2018)

This programme works with a group over a longer period of time to encourage collaborative practice and ensemble theatre training. This is how we train within our company. In this way we work as a mini theatre collective. Our focus will be on the training and out of that we will work on creating a short piece of theatre to be performed at the end of the course. Each week will explore a different approach to physical theatre training.

2 Day Intensive (Coming later in 2018)

Three times a year we lead a concentrated full two days of training, with a limited number of participants. This gives you a chance to see how we train as a company from basic ensemble building tasks, to character creation to detailed work on a new performance idea. To be considered for this opportunity we ask you to complete a simple application form to ensure we have an array of different training backgrounds and experiences in the room.