Kwami Odoom
Education and Opportunities Co-ordinator
Kwami is an actor and theatre-maker from North London. He trained with the National Youth Theatre REP Company 2016 and has a Philosophy and Spanish degree from Sheffield University. Kwami is a cheerleader, competing twice at the World Cheerleading Championships. He has been a member of the PappyShow since it's inception in 2012.

Where are you from? Finsbury Park, London.
What's in your pocket? Lip salve, phone, keys, ID card.
What would you do with the keys to the city? Put up a mile long zip line from The Shard to somewhere.
Most over-used word? YouknowhatImean?
Biggest phobia? Snakes.
What one thing would you take on a desert island? Some crash mats for fun but safe tree swinging.
Song of your youth? Turn Me On - Kevin Lyttle.
Best would you rather? Would you rather.
Best PappyShow memory? Jay taking Sope out trying a cool lift.