Rachel Hosker
Communications, PR and Branding Co-ordinator
Rachel is an actor, theatre maker and movement director. She graduated from Central School of Speech and Drama in 2016 and has her own theatre company, Mad Like Roar.

She is currently making a play at Battersea Arts Centre about Roller Derby and is loving learning to skate for it!

Rachel has been a member of The PappyShow since it first formed during NYT Team Welcome Ceremonies at the London Olympics 2012.

Where are you from? Oldham.
What's in your pocket? Don't have pockets today, I'm wearing leggings.
What would you do with the keys to the city? Open all the doors, all of them.
Most over-used word? Nice!
Biggest phobia? It's not my biggest, but my weirdest one is play-doh.
What one thing would you take on a desert island? A bottle of gin please.
Song of your youth? The Lion King - Circle of life.
Best would you rather? Would you rather be a lettuce leaf or a chunk of cheese?
Best PappyShow memory? Having a sleep over at Knowsley House and pretending there was a friendly ghost called Deirdre haunting us!