Rosie Dwyer
Events and Company Co-ordinator
Rosie is an actor, originally from Shropshire, who has been a member of the National Youth Theatre since 2014 and trained at Identity School of Acting. She has a background in gymnastics and has been involved with The Pappy Show since 2015. She is currently training to become a Level 3 Mat Pilates Instructor.

Where are you from? Telford.
What's in your pocket? Burts Bees lipbalm, wild cherry flavour.
What would you do with the keys to the city? Put sleep pods around the city for when the daily nap is needed and you don't have enough time to go home.
Most over-used word? Yaaaaas.
Biggest phobia? Snakes.
What one thing would you take on a desert island? Chris Hemsworth, preferably as THOR.
Song of your youth? "Say A Little Prayer" - Aretha Franklin or "These Boots are Made for Walkin'" - Nancy Sinatra.
Best would you rather? Would you rather only be able to walk backwards or have to skip everywhere?
Best PappyShow memory? Seeing BOYS at the VAULT Festival and feeling so proud.